Can someones relationship ever be the same after meth gets involved?

  • Swim and theyre girlfriend had this relationship that was unlike anything he thought could be possible.. They were perfect for each other and were like the same people. They never fought like the first six months of their relationship, they never even spend more then an hour apart those six months. They were like best friends. They liked doing different drugs together for the new experiences, then they tried meth. Looking back now thats what started the fighting, more just bad moods and starting to piss each other off when they would come down but now almost two and a half years later they have to be high just to have a good few days together. Things are stressful now and they know meth isnt helping so they plan to quit, before they had no problem saying no to it if they knew it was affecting their relationship. Now its like she doesnt care and finds excuses to take a hit when someone offers because its always around them and they cant get away. But things are really good, actually amazing for a day or two, lots of sex and talking and happiness, just the way it was when they got together. Then the next two days they start to irritate each other. They dont really have sex without being high anymore, when they do she always has to have porn. It doesnt feel like she even wants to be with him when they arent high. Shes not the same person anymore.. Neither is he though, its hard for him to joke and play around like they used to, hes just blank all the time. Swim is hoping it would even be possible to fix things and get clean together. Does anyone have any experience with this..
  • no if u quit he will find a whore to hit with